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Stand-Aid Sling

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Product Category:

Patient Lift


Prism Medical

Product Description:

Designed by Prism Medical's expert research team, the Stand-Aid Sling will comfortably wrap around the individual's waist and with limited pressure will help raise the person to a standing position.  Additionally, the Stand-Aid Sling is padded for extra comfort and comes with Prism Medical's signature three loop design, which allows for greater options for comfort when performing the lift. The Prism Medical Stand-Aid Belt is removable and sold separately.

Standard Features
Color coded loops for identification and noted in individual's care plan for later reference
Covered strap connections points to protect the skin
Sling label serves as a sling information reference
User care plan is supplied with every sling
Guide handles to facilitate correct handling during transfers
Padding material is applied only to the outside of the leg sections, eliminating unnecessary bulk in the areas where it is not functional
Center markers assists the caregiver in correctly positioning the sling.

Requirements For Use
Those clients, on whom this lift system is to be used, should be assessed for the following:
Trunk ControlCan the individual lean forward and return to an upright position?

Individual must:  Be predictable
Be weight bearing
Have a cognition level that allows for individual participation and involvement in the transfer

Sizing Guidelines
Prism Medical offers a wide range of standard sizes to be sure to accommodate the needs of a diverse patient/resident population. It is important that the caregiver ensures that there is never strap in contact with the skin. If this occurs, it is often an indication that the sling is too small. Here are some general guidelines for sizing Prism Medical slings.

Washing Instructions
The sling should be inserted into a washing/laundry bag prior to being placed into the washer. This is to prevent any unusual wear and tear of the sling by the agitator and/or other parts of the washing machine.

Product Numbers

XS: 280070
S: 280071
M: 280072
L: 280073
XL: 280074
XXL: 280075

BELT S: 280076
BELT M: 280077
BELT L: 280078
BELT XL: 280079

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